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Why Video Marketing is About the Audience Not the Marketers

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Ogilvy & Mather just published a Red Paper about “The Digital Social Contract” that will make other agencies green with envy. It explains why traditional advertising like the pre-roll doesn’t work on YouTube and it also outlines why collaborating with YouTube creators like Michelle Phan does. Whether you work for a video marketer, a brand, or an MCN, you’ll want to download the report, and read all 100 pages before anyone else in your organization. Then, you will be a hero for bringing this seminal document to everyone else’s attention.

The paper, a collaboration between Ogilvy & Mather, and Victorious, addresses the fact that many brands and media companies are still racing to keep up with the changes in digital marketing. The new paradigm is that the industry no longer makes the rules, the audience does, and the real fact is that the “real digital natives don’t need the old ways anymore”. The paper argues that old-school broadcasters, and media institutions are so out of touch with the new social and digital rules that they risk ending up as outcasts.

John Green said this first at YouTube’s Brandcast event back in April and he passionately made this point again in his keynote address at VidCon 2015 in July. But I haven’t read such hard-hitting criticism of the industry from someone working at an agency since I read Ogilvy on Advertising back in 1985. The authors don’t pull their punches. And, as a result, they’d earned my trust by Page 13. Then, they went on to explain the way we were, the way we are, today’s digital social contract, and the way we can be.

Read the full article here.

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