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Blue for Trust, Red for Passion: How To Pick a Color Scheme For Your Brand

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Color is one of the most primitive forms of communication we have. Through color nature tells us when something is dangerous – think the yellow and black of a wasp. And through our own evolution we’ve come to associate emotion with color.

The use of color in marketing exploits these emotions on a psychological level. There are times when it’s obvious – most people associate blue with being calm or red with danger. These colors convey this much faster than words ever can. However, there are various triggers associated with color that go much further, and some have transcended their original meaning to evolve into something new.

Take a look at the fast food industry. Until recently almost every fast food chain used a combination of red and yellow in their branding. Red and yellow are colors usually associated with speed and efficiency. However, McDonald’s has now moved away from this color combination.

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