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Why Having A Video Marketing Strategy Is Critical To Your Business

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When I wrote about the value of using the video marketing strategy back in 2015, little did I know I’d look back on that post as the seeds of something that’s snowballed into something much bigger.

At the time, I referenced stats that led me to pose a simple question: Why wouldn’t a company dive into the video marketing world? When nearly 90% of website visitors will hang out longer on sites with video than on those without, it was a prescient inquiry.

Fast-forward to mid-2017, and I’ve realized the question isn’t “Why wouldn’t you?”; it’s “Why aren’t you?”

I can hear the knee-jerk replies: “Video is too complicated.” “It’s out of our budget.” “It’s not relevant to our market.”

With all due respect, such objections couldn’t be further from the truth, especially when you consider innovative new options for video ad production and strategizing.

Videos Are No Longer Optional

Did you know the teenager next door probably has a better handle on how to expertly utilize video than you do? She has a YouTube following. She’s an influencer among her peers. Clinks? Comments? She’s getting them like crazy.

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