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Barbara Quesada, the Voice of Barbara, Reads “The Legend of Ranger”

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Voiceover artist Barbara Quesada ( demonstrates her versatility as an actor and character voice artist in reading her first audiobook, “The Legend of Ranger, the Reindeer Who Couldn’t Fly.”

A magical new story for the Christmas season, author Alan Salisbury tells the tale of a young reindeer named Ranger who has a big dream: to be part of the reindeer team that pulls Santa’s big sleigh. Ranger searches all over Santaland for someone who can help him learn the secret of flying. But everyone he asks, including the oldest and wisest elves, Mrs. Claus, and even his famous older brother Rudolph, gives him the same advice: “The secret lies within.” Determined to fulfill his dream, Ranger must find the secret for himself. An emergency trip to the far-off village of Krystalwite to help Santa’s sick reindeer offers Ranger the opportunity to play a part in saving Christmas and, along the way, learn what the secret is.

The Legend of Ranger contains a heartening and inspirational message about the power of believing in yourself, no matter what challenges lie ahead. Winner of the Mom’s Choice Silver Award for excellence, Ranger has been critically acclaimed as “an amazing and heartwarming story,” “a must have for children during the holidays,” and “one of those books that kids love and remember when they have kids of their own.”

As heartwarming as the story itself is, in an equally heartwarming gesture, 100% of the profits from sales of Ranger in any format are donated to the Antonia J. Giallourakis Endowed Fund in Art Therapy for Children with Cancer at Massachusetts General Hospital. Author Alan Salisbury and his family (which includes his daughter Barbara Salisbury Quesada) are very close friends of the family of the late Antonia Giallourakis, an artist, art teacher, and herself a cancer victim. The entire project has been a labor of love for all involved.

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