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Get Your Station on Amazon Alexa In 5 Minutes with XAPPmedia

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As a preferred provider to XAPPmedia, we’re very excited about this news!!!! XAPPmedia is bringing radio back into the home!

Claim Your Station Name Today on Alexa

Remember the rush to get your station’s URL domain name? Amazon Alexa represents a similar but more urgent situation. Invocation names, like website URLs, must be unique. It’s first come, first served. There will only be one station that gets the invocation, “Alexa, open B95.” If you want your station’s branding to be consistent on Alexa and easy for listeners to remember, it is important to launch a custom Alexa skill before your name is taken. To address this growing need, XAPP has created Voice Radio™ to enable radio stations to set up their Alexa skill in just five minutes. Over 300 radio stations have already done it. We hope you are next.

Bringing Radio Back Into the Home

Alexa and Amazon Echo smart speakers are bringing radio back into the home. In fact, Gartner estimates that 75% of U.S. households will have a smart speaker by 2020. That is good news for radio because Edison data show 38% of Amazon Echo owners use the devices to listen to AM/FM radio and 32% for talk. These devices will soon be the primary radio source in most households. Stations need to have their content available while consumers are forming listening habits.

Got 5 Minutes? Get Your Radio Station on Alexa

Voice Radio is a self-service platform. You simply enter some information about your station, upload a logo and then submit to XAPPmedia for review and testing. After that process is complete, we will submit it to Amazon for you and most stations will be live on Alexa in about a week.

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