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It’s Not TV, It’s VAB: Trade Bureau Drops Cable, Television Too

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In a move that is symbolic of bigger shifts taking place in the nature of media, the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau is leaving the cable TV behind to become the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB).

The change is more than a reboot and a name change, but a reincorporation with new bylaws and a new mission to promote the value of video programming and advertising, derived from the major TV networks. That makes the VAB the primary player for the so-called “TV video” marketplace and pits it against the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau), which is the primary voice of the “ad-tech video” marketplace.

“It’s a content mentality vs. an algorithm-first mentality,” says Sean Cunningham, the longtime president-CEO of the CAB, who assumes the same role at the VAB. Cunningham says the VAB does plan to play a role in influencing the technological side of the marketplace too, but that it will mainly be about figuring out ways to leverage it to automate planning and buying and facilitating better data that helps advertisers and agencies utilize TV-based video programming better.

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