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Social Media Talk May Correlate To Cancelled TV Shows

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Can social media predict which TV shows might be cancelled?

Networked Insights, an analytics, audience-centric company that focuses on brands, says shows that ended up being “cancelled” had a low ‘love’ index — meaning not much in the way of social media conversations where there were high volumes of sentiments/words like “love,” “like,” “hope” and other emotions.

Research said these eventually cancelled TV shows (or ones that will be) had a low ‘love factor,’ the “conversation index for emotional attributes,” a 50 index. On the flip side, shows that weren’t cancelled had a high ‘love’ factor index of nearly 120.

Social media conversations that had a high level of ‘disapproval’ — shows that were eventually cancelled — had a 60 index. Those shows that survived had a 40 index. Words contributing to the ‘disapproval’ factor in social media included “hatred” emotions and sentiment — and low number of more positive feelings.

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