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GE CMO Beth Comstock: B-to-B Marketers Can’t Sell If They Can’t Tell a Story

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B-to-b marketers will see more long-term value in telling the story of their brand than just trying to feed the sales pipeline, GE CMO Beth Comstock said Wednesday at the annual Business Marketing Association meeting in Chicago.
Business marketing can and should have emotion, and connect with people first, said Ms. Comstock, the top marketer at one of the largest and best-known business marketers.

GE’s recent campaign from BBDO was designed to do that, she said. The push, including frequent TV commercials, highlights the company’s role in building underwater turbines powered by tides; connecting health-care institutions through mobile devices; and helping create trains that are more environmentally friendly. The spots add an emotional element by describing the efforts through the eyes of a young girl whose mom works at the company.

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