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New Business Reality: Video Is Vital

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There’s no denying that we’re living through a time of change for both media and business. Traditional methods of reaching new audiences — and keeping them — are being completely rethought, and the future of how we market our products or brands seems to be headed in the direction of social sharing and mobile viewing.

While that shift is taking place, another disruptive factor has risen up and proven itself a major player in the digital realm: online video. Not only are people consuming more video during their daily lives, audiences have grown to prefer it when it comes to advertising on the web, according to new research.

Banner advertising yields ever-decreasing conversion rates, whereas video ads are proving more adept at grabbing viewers and turning them into new customers. Youtube has emerged as more than a place for idle viewing — it’s now a full-fledged marketplace for brands to showcase their products and interact directly with their customers. And companies have begun to take notice. Content marketing (which inevitably includes video) is now standard practice for many businesses as they look beyond 728X90 campaigns of a captivating image and a snappy call to action. Now, advertisers are exploring the power of video to communicate more effectively, much faster.

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