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Five Public Relations Trends You Can Accomplish With Video

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As video marketing advisers, our clients depend on our ability to strategize best uses for video and maximize the value-add it generates. We work closely with communications, public relations, and marketing professionals and keeping a close eye on trends is essential to serving our clients well. To that end, here are five recent trends we’re following and where video content can be easily applied.


What is your brand’s story? Corporate culture? Product catalog? Furthermore, how do you speak to these aspects in an engaging way? We know that video drives leads, engagement, and is crucial to the purchasing cycle, but video is also a medium that bests demonstrates who you are. It puts a face to your brand and makes it more intimate, personal. Next time you update your “About us” page, think about using video.


In the age of “always-on” media, it’s crucial that brands exhibit trust in all external communications efforts. A great example of this is a recent video we produced for our client, ITG. In response to Michael Lewis’ “Flash Boys,” ITG CEO, Bob Gasser, offers clients full transparency into their trading methods. The video and landing page position Gasser and ITG as responsible, trustworthy partners. It’s direct, honest and personable, something a blogpost or other written couldn’t achieve alone.

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