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How to Choose Between a Male or Female Voice

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When I was first starting out as a voice over talent, when mammoths roamed the earth and cassette tapes were the norm, my dad urged me to go after car dealerships as clients.

My dad said he never met a married man brave enough to buy a car his wife didn’t like, so car dealers should always use a female to voice their commercials. While his logic was dead on, it was years before I heard a woman narrate a car commercial, and it’s still a fairly rare thing.

Is a male or female voice the best choice to represent your brand?

Do you pick the strong bass notes of a male voice to convey your message or the lighter tones of a female VO talent to share the benefits of your product? Both can be very effective, so simply defaulting to one or the other can limit your audience not grow it.

Do men always have to narrate beer commercials? Don’t women drink beer too? Should women be the expected voice for toilet paper? Everyone shops for TP, not just women.
So how do you pick whether a male or female voice would work best for your project?

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