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Bringing Radio Back Into the Home

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The top selling 2016 Christmas season product was the Amazon Echo. Millions of radio listeners now have an Echo with its Alexa voice assistant bringing radio back into the home while holding court in their kitchen, living room or bedroom. But, radio stations are only available through TuneIn and iHeart today. This comes with no control and little functionality for broadcasters to engage with listeners and build audience.

Inside Radio and Radio Ink have both recently featured XAPP’s upcoming Alexa skill for Federated Media’s B100 country station. It provides a proper spotlight for radio that goes well beyond simulcast and includes features that encourage listeners to consume more of your radio content.

XAPP is currently enrolling up to 20 radio broadcasters this month in a program that waives set-up fees and provides a rapid onramp to Alexa. Space in the program is limited so sign up today for more information.

Learn more about radio for Alexa here.


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