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How XAPP Media Is Helping Radio Win With Digital

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In the current issue, and the next several issues of Radio Ink, we’ll spotlight companies that are generating real digital revenue for radio stations across the country. XAPPMedia is a technology company that focuses on interactive audio services, and one of the goals of the company is helping radio stations generate revenue in the voice space, which includes Alexa and Google Home. Pat Higbie is the CEO and co-founder of XAPPMedia.

 RI: What is XAPPMedia doing to generate revenue for radio?

Higbie: We are helping primarily right now in the new voice space that’s been created by Amazon Alexa and Google Home. We see this as the dawn of a new era in technology — the voice era. Like with the Web and mobile eras, there’s going to be big winners and big losers. Voice will bring about profound improvements in listener convenience and content discovery, in addition to spontaneous connection with local talent. We think the radio stations and podcasters that deliver these improvements will be the winners. This is an enormous opportunity to bring radio back into the home. That’s where we see a fantastic opportunity for radio right now, and we are actively engaged in that space.

RI: What role do you see radio playing, and how are you going to get it there?
Higbie: We build and manage Alexa skills and Google conversation actions. They’re the same thing, so we can refer to them jointly as voice apps. In fact, we just released an Alexa skill for The Investing Podcast called “We Study Billionaires,” where we created some new features. One of the biggest problems with long-form audio content, like podcasts, is the ability to discover content while you’re listening. You typically have to discover what you want to listen to before you start listening, and then listen to it. We’ve created a scan feature so when you start this skill, it allows you to scan through the episodes by title and then jump into the one you want to listen to.


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