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10 Steps to Start Making Videos for Your Business Today

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Have you ever noticed you spend more time on a website when there’s a video to click? In that amount of time, your customers are getting to know you better, which improves your credibility, trust, and familiarity. Video helps increase engagement on your website by 5X. So how can you make a plan to help you start creating your own videos for your business? This simple business video production plan can help grow your business with a low cost marketing strategy that yields a high and measurable return.

1. Decide if you are comfortable making your own videos, or if you prefer to hire help. The benefit of making your own business videos is that you will control the creative, branding, look, feel, and overall direction of the video content with an affordable budget and consistent schedule. The risk of making your own business videos is that you will probably need to invest a small amount of time and money in training yourself how to do it or take the time to train someone on your team, along with getting some basic equipment. If you’re not sure how you feel about being on camera try Vsnap to record video and send it to yourself for free. (Recommended time: 5 minutes)

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