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Google’s Five Top Tips for Effective Online Video Marketing

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As the most popular online video publisher, YouTube receives over 1 billion unique users per month who watch over 6 billion hours of video. It clearly goes to show that online video is a powerful and far-reaching tool that brands have at their disposal.

Developing an online video presence (using a service like YouTube) to reach audiences means almost anyone across the globe can access online video ads at a click of a button.
But how can you harness this power to maximize your brand and make sure you are sending the message through effectively? Robbie Dourek, head of brand products at Google, shares his five top tips with below.

Have Engaging Content

Ask yourself if your content is engaging enough. You want your user to be totally engaged, entertained and captivated from the very beginning and from there, you’ll have them hooked. Be compelling, be unconventional. Traditional advertising alone is no longer enough, your content should also tell a story, which is a very important factor.
Dourek made an example of this with the “First Kiss” video that garnered around 85 million views on YouTube. Although the advert was for a clothing brand and the plot didn’t focus on that at all, it was still engaging and interesting enough for viewers to click and watch to the end.

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