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Study: Social Media Drives TV Viewership

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For years, Twitter and its rivals have been crowing about the power of social media to drive TV viewership. Doubling down on these claims, new research from ShareThis shows a strong correlation between social engagement and higher tune-in rates. Users who click on shared content about a particular TV series are nearly two-and-a-half times more likely to become viewers, the social sharing service finds.

On average, 16% of viewers share about the shows they watch, but the percentages vary widely by genre. The social engagement rate among reality and variety show viewers is about 47%, while pure comedy shows only elicit an engagement rate of 9.5%.

New series inspire higher social engagement rates (about 25%, on average), compared to recurring series (about 13% on average).

Also of note, streaming shows like those found on Netflix see double the social engagement rate of broadcast shows (about 31% compared to about 15% on average).

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