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It’s Go Time for Facebook Autoplay Video Ads

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Facebook autoplay video is reeling in advertisers, based on Advertising Age and RBC polling conducted in February 2015.

While just 9% of US marketers said they already purchased autoplay video ads on the social network, the majority were somewhat (33%) or very (21%) likely to purchase such placements in the next six months. This put the percentage of respondents who viewed autoplay video ads positively at nearly two-thirds. The strong interest supports RBC research released at the end of August 2014, which estimated that Facebook would sell $700 million worth of autoplay video ads this year alone.

Still, this leaves Facebook with a substantial 38% of marketers who still need to be convinced that autoplay video ads are worth it. And the social network may be able to do that, as other industry sources report increases in interaction with video ads on the platform. According to an analysis by Kinetic Social, paid video placements maintained a higher clickthrough rate (CTR) than all other types of US Facebook ads served to desktop and mobile via Kinetic’s platform throughout 2014.

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