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The Basics of Getting the Public Relations Your Business Needs

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Public relations is an important part of a business’s marketing strategy. It is the way to create buzz and attract customers.

I was surprised when Angela Jia Kim, founder of Savor the Success, revealed a few months ago at an event where I was speaking that some female entrepreneurs haven’t jumped on the PR bandwagon. Reluctant to seek out public relations assistance, their reasons varied, including, “I feel that PR is out of my league,” “I am unaware of how to get PR,” and “I don’t know what the process is.”

It is up to you or your PR person to get your brand’s name in print, whether it is in a newspaper, magazine or online. Show producers can find a new expert on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, often by following and “liking” the timelines of individuals who post interesting, informative and entertaining information. Like many other television producers, I love to find the “new” expert. We also use Google, so your goal should be to get your name or brand to come up at the top of a Google search. Getting booked on a television show is a major accomplishment, and if it is a national show, then that’s even better. One booking can lead to others.

If you are going to hire a PR person or firm to create and share your brand’s information, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Grab the spotlight

A professional firm can help you harness the power of the masses. Here are a few limelight opportunities that a pro can secure for you: writing an op-ed or a white paper, prominent advertising space, live and online events, speaking engagements, meeting with influencers or even a spot on a TV show — to name a few. A PR firm will assist you in generating the type of content that will keep you in the media.

Results are measurable (and immeasurable)

Since PR results are earned, it is a good indicator — for you as a business owner — of how well your brand is doing. You can measure your clout using anything from simple free tools such as Google Alerts to more sophisticated websites such as

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