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9 Traits of Well-Loved Entrepreneurs

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Being a successful entrepreneur takes more than just navigating your company through the rough waters of business. It means inspiring your staff to do everything it can to help grow your business.

We all know the type—the business owner for whom every employee would bend over backward. The shop owner whose staff gladly works overtime or comes in on their day off if needed. The company founder who treats every employee like a member of the family and is as revered as the beloved head of a real family.

These are the entrepreneurs who inspire fierce loyalty and adoration, and we can learn a lot from them. So just what is it that makes them so special?

1. They’re truly authentic. Entrepreneurs who are adored by their staffs are unabashedly themselves. They’re consistent because they’re not playing a game or putting up a front when they’re on the job. Whether you see them in the office or at the local park, these people are always true to themselves.

2. They understand the power of reciprocity. Well-loved entrepreneurs understand that hard work, honesty and trust are given to the bosses who first demonstrate those qualities themselves. Being open, trusting and trustworthy, and willing to work harder than anyone on their staff is how the best business owners manage to have a staff who’d go to the ends of the earth to prove they deserve the boss’s respect.

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