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How Tech Titans Are Shifting Focus And Zooming In On Video Marketing

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If you’ve been reading Marketing Dive lately, you know there’s been a steady stream of news on video marketing, with new features being announced almost daily. From viewability standard changes to pricing model tweaks, tech titans including Facebook, YouTube and even GoPro are zooming in on video marketing.

We have consolidated that news and plucked out the most important trends and developments in the video marketing world. Here’s what you need to know.

To begin with, Facebook has made recent changes that affect video overall on the social media platform. It announced an algorithm change that emphasized video on users’ news feeds, and it rolled out a new feature for its users – “floating video.” With floating videos, users can detach a video from their news feed via an icon on the video control bar that allows them to keep watching the video while continue scrolling their news feed. Facebook also announced it would be sharing ad revenue with its video partners, matching YouTube’s split of 45% of revenue to Facebook and 55% to its partners.

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