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Former WTOP Political Analyst Mark Plotkin Dies at 72

mark plotkin

Former WTOP political analyst Mark Plotkin died Sunday at the age of 72.

Plotkin was a staple on WTOP for 10 years. He hosted “The Politics Program with Mark Plotkin” on Fridays, through which he delivered his colorful commentaries on air.

Plotkin was passionate about D.C. statehood and voting rights, tennis and George Washington basketball.

He came to WTOP in 2002 and left in 2012. Before that, he was at WAMU, did commentary for Fox5 and he would write columns for various publications.

In the WTOP newsroom, he was often heard on the phone questioning elected officials and dashing into the studio for his live interviews.

Tributes from D.C. area politicians and journalists started pouring in upon the news of Plotkin’s death.

Read the full report from WTOP.

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