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Does Video + Social = Digital Marketing’s Sweet Spot?

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Video and social complement each other in many ways. Here are some tips that will ensure your marketing strategy leverages the links between the two.

Between the NBA’s 3.5 million followers on Instagram, a General Electric (GE) Vine that received 25,000 likes, and an EA Sports video that generated more than 8 million YouTube views in a single month, one thing has become clear: social sites are where brands, and brand videos thrive. Marketers are using online video to engage consumers, yes. But it’s social media they rely on to build and sustain their user base.

Video and social media are, in many ways, a match made in heaven. Like the old nursery rhyme about Jack Sprat and his wife, each needs the other to complete it, delivering in the areas where the other falls short. Video provides entertainment and information in a content package consumers prefer. Social media delivers that package to the people who want to see it, where they are.
According to the Pew Research Internet Project’s most recent Online Video survey, 56 percent of adult Internet users watch videos on social networks or mobile apps. Seventy one percent of those who post videos online do so to social media, while 58 percent of those who watch online videos do it on social networks.

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