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Comic Con and Film Trailers = Video Marketing Win for Warner Bros

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In the last couple of weeks we’ve seen some excellent examples of event-driven video marketing coming out of Hollywood, with two much-anticipated superhero-filled film trailers released to coincide with Comic Con 2015, the world’s leading celebration of comic book pop culture. Both movie teasers have taken the Internet by storm and created an enormous buzz for Warner Brothers Pictures

The folks over at Warner Bros. Pictures were smart. Really smart. They put together compelling trailers for both ‘Suicide Squad: Comic Con First Look’ and ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Comic Con Trailer’ and then premiered both at – you’ve guessed it – Comic Con San Diego 2015. Teasers from either film were always going to be popular, but to release event-driven content like this bang in the middle of Comic Con, covered by hundreds of online (and offline) publications, gives the movie studio pretty much the perfect storm in terms of capturing as much attention as possible. The trailers have generated (without too much/any YouTube paid promotion as far as I can tell) a combined 73 million views in 9 days on the video platform.

There has undoubtedly been huge marketing resources poured behind both trailers, but they haven’t necessarily been placed behind a pre-roll to every video on the internet. Instead, awareness of the teasers came through outreach, social media, and general fan buzz. I first became aware of the teaser for ‘Suicide Squad’ via a Reddit post, where it had been billed as the first look at Jared Leto’s Joker. I’d certainly say they crafted it to generate that conversation, as the trailer ends with a brief reveal of the Joker. It’s just enough to get you interested and leave you hanging on until the end of the trailer.

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