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B2B vs B2C Video Marketing: Understanding the Differentials

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Video marketing is ingrained into our consumer culture with countless viral videos being made every day by big brands and propagated on the internet through social media. Some of the most famous examples in the UK of this kind of B2C video marketing include Dove’s campaign for real beauty and Ikea’s recent “BookBook” viral video, which promotes their paper catalogue.

But B2B video marketing has not quite taken off to the same extent with many companies missing out on some pretty powerful marketing opportunities.

A 2014 study published by B2B Marketing and ITN Productions found that despite video being voted as the number one type of content to resonate with a B2B audience, 26% of B2B brands still lacked any guidelines for implementing their video marketing strategy. The tide is definitely beginning to turn though, with video use in B2B marketing look set to explode in the coming months.

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