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What You Can Expect For Social Video in 2015

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In 2014, we saw a rise in trackvertising, native video ads went mainstream and viewability was on the tip of everyone’s tongue. So what curveballs will be thrown at marketers this year? Here are five predictions you can expect to see in 2015.

1. Facebook will overtake YouTube for video views.

In 2014 we saw Facebook challenge YouTube for audience views and advertiser dollars. The world’s largest social network started to publicly display view counts in 2014, and with new Facebook video features launching all the time, we’re entering a post-YouTube era in 2015. Three-quarters of video views already occur outside the YouTube ecosystem (according to 2014 comScore stats), and in 2015, successful brands will need to embrace multiple media channels to reach and engage their audience wherever they’re watching and sharing videos.

2. TV networks get with programmatic but TV ads still don’t resonate.

According to IDC, less than 1% of TV ad spend in the US is currently traded programmatically but is expected to leap to 7 or 8% by 2017. But the bigger gap that needs to be closed in 2015 is the gaping content chasm: Most TV ads are still stuck in a broadcast mindset, failing to emotionally engage viewers and missing the opportunity for social engagement. And according to research from the IAB and Nielsen shifting 15% of TV ad spend to online creates more effective and efficient reach. Brands can, and should, test TV ads for viewer engagement. Not only will this benefit their on-air effectiveness, but the advertisers choosing a 30-second TV spot as the basis for their online creative can make sure they back their most engaging creative. Better yet, advertisers can programmatically sync on-air and online ads for full coverage, go on the offensive and launch online ads against competitors’ ads on-air or go guerilla and sync their online ads to a prime time program for a fraction of the cost of a TV buy.

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