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Vine Shoots For 6-Second Bliss With Saved Drafts, Video Editing

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The 9-month-old app has ripened with features that give people more control over their mini movies.

Twitter-owned Vine is giving its more than 40 million users the power to perfect their 6-second clips with two new camera tools.

The handy features, added Thursday to Vine for iPhone and Android, have funky names to denote their playful appeal. The first addition, called “Sessions,” is a fancy descriptor for saved drafts, meaning that users can now save up to 10 video posts as they’re creating them. The other add-on goes by the moniker “Time Travel” and lets people delete and reorganize clips while constructing videos.

A new feature called “Time Travel” lets users remove, reorganize, or replace shots as they’re putting together their 6-second videos. (Credit: Vine)