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Top Video Trends For 2017

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According to Oscar Wall, senior director at Ooyala, EMEA, the live-streaming video trends will continue to ramp up. 2016 saw Facebook debut Facebook Live, Twitter stream NFL games across the globe and Hulu is to launch a live option in 2017.

“Publishers and broadcasters have a big opportunity, particularly in the news and sports sector,” Wall said. “Yet, as attractive an option as it is for publishers, finding the best way to monetise live content is still a process. The big question is how to use ads while still maintaining the customer experience? What’s the best ad load to content length, and how does that change depending upon device? Expect 2017 to be the year of setting standards for live ad monetisation, ad load and personalising the experience.”

Streaming services meanwile will face higher content creation costs as output demand increases in 2017. Netflix is set to invest an additional $1 billion in original content next year while other content giants like Amazon are also ramping up production to stay relevant, competitive and meet demands.

This increase in investment in original series content means more pressure on local providers to do likewise. “The challenge will be finding successful ways to minimise costs in other areas,” Wall noted. Wall also expects to see established companies experimenting with tools for reaching new customers through SVOD and AVOD services.

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