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Measure Twice, Cut Once: Video Marketing Metrics You Need to Track

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Not measuring your video marketing is like rowing a boat with only one paddle: Try as you might, you’re probably traveling around and around in circles.

But measuring your videos willy-nilly won’t necessarily get you there any faster. Instead, use the goals you have for your video to determine your video marketing metrics. After all, how can you truly measure success if you don’t know what that success looks like?

So answer this: Are you trying to generate more leads? Drive brand reach? Encourage downloads of a helpful guide? No matter your goal, you should plan it out before you start production. Once that’s all set, use it to select which metrics to measure.

Goal #1: Attention Span

Are your viewers watching the whole video, or are they on to the next bigger-and-better piece of content after a few seconds? At Vidyard, we generally recommend maintaining a 60 percent retention rate, at minimum, and aiming to keep at least 80 percent of your viewers engaged until the end of your video.

Measuring the percentage of a video viewers consumed is an important metric to track for improving and optimizing your content—and is equally important from a lead-scoring perspective.

For optimizing content, tracking attention span means identifying times where large viewership drop-offs occur and using this to zero in on opportunities for improvement. For example, if your audience is leaving after 20 seconds, maybe your intro is too long.

From a lead-scoring point of view, attention span can offer great insights when your video marketing platform is integrated with your marketing automation platform (MAP). Here, you can see how much of your content individual leads are viewing, which means you can identify high quality leads, qualify them earlier, and convert them faster.

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