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Land on a TV Producer’s Radar With These 5 Tips

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Getting to a television producer can be a tricky task — unless you know that the first thing producers look for in a potential guest is how you appear on camera or video. What will a producer find when they look for you on video?

Here are five ways to maximize your chances of landing on a producer’s radar:

1. Create videos and a sizzle reel.

Whether you’re a musing blogger or a software engineer willing to share some knowledge, video topics are endless. You can present yourself in a colorful bio, demonstrate products, start a how-to series, showcase your DIY skills or even indulge in a blog.

Creating a sizzle reel that highlights your best on-camera moments is a great idea, since a busy producer will get to size you up within minutes. Consider the sizzle reel a visual version of your elevator pitch: tell your story in two minutes, with compelling images punctuated with telling sound bites. Include video footage, pictures and even voice-over sound bites.

A sizzle reel should give the viewer a fast but thorough glimpse of what your brand is about.

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