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Jordan Tourism Hopes Drone Video Marketing Can Trump Regional Strife

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Jordan isn’t having and easy time with tourism.

It’s a relatively safe country filled with archeological treasures and good tourism infrastructure. But it’s also bordered by Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, the West Bank, and Israel.

For two decades now it’s turned an appearance in the film, “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade,” into a strong tourism marketing position for Petra, Jordan, the country’s most popular attraction. Now it’s hoping video techniques from the 21st century can help lift it out of the doldrums. During the spring, Jordan Tourism Board worked with the content marketing team at Matador Network to shoot multiple drone videos of its top attractions.

“After the success of Matador’s ‘Palawan from the Air,’ the Jordan Tourism Board decided to lobby the government to grant Matador filmmakers special permission to bring two 4K drones into the country and fly over and through all of Jordan’s most sacred sites,” says Ross Borden, CEO of the Matador Network.

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