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Is Video Part Of Your Marketing Strategy? If Not, Why Not?

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Year after year, someone, somewhere will talk about how video is growing and how important it is to your marketing strategy – I’m that guy!

Google keeps changing, as does technology, but video seems to be growing with it. In fact, video content is being viewed by 59% of executives who prefer it to reading text.

It isn’t just executives that are adapting to video, it is the general customer too. According to Hub TV’s latest eBook ‘Journey Through Video Marketing’, by having a video on one of your landing pages, it will increase the conversion rate by 70%.

Video, when used correctly, has a clever way of marketing to different audiences which makes it a key asset to your strategy. When first stepping into the production of any video, you will need to decide whether it’s an instructional film, a sales pitch, a recruitment clip, an advert or a statement of brand values. This is because each type of video has a different intention and will be used to target a completely different audience. For any video, the audience is key!

Not only is the audience really important once you get them, but you need to put it in front of the right people. Google is 50 times more likely to rank video organically than it is plain text, which means even Google is noticing the importance of video to its users.

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