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How coronavirus changed how WTOP brings you news

You’ve probably been saying to yourself things have really changed in the last couple of months because of the coronavirus. At WTOP, they certainly have.

A little over two months ago, WTOP celebrated one year in our new Maryland location. Like all great radio station events, there was food — lots of food. Two days of it — on the actual anniversary of the move, Feb. 2, then the next day.

People from every department lined up, served themselves loads of pasta and pizza and gathered like a family. Food is one of the ways we at WTOP show our affection for each other, whether it’s a big meal or Oreo Friday.

Later in the month, on Feb. 26, the entire staff stood almost shoulder to shoulder as we recognized 18 staffers celebrating key anniversaries that totaled 275 years of service. (Did you know that Shawn Anderson, Mitchell Miller, and Dave Johnson have each been here 25 years?)

Listen and read the full report from WTOP.

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