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Al Roker Gets a Fist Bump from Biden

al roker and joe biden

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It’s kind of a sequel for TV legend Al Roker.

President Joe Biden took a little time during his inaugural walk to the White House along Pennsylvania Avenue to chat and fist bump Roker.

“To be honest, guys, I didn’t think it was gonna happen. Because he was literally kind of parallel to me,” Al Roker told WTOP news partner NBC Washington.

“And then all of a sudden, he broke away and came over. I was kind of thrown off at first, because I was not expecting it, but he has been always very generous with his time. And it was just really a special moment for me. And I hope it meant a little something to him on a day that I think we were all feeling very celebratory, and feeling kind of special.”

Roker has received presidential attention before.

During the 2013 inauguration of former President Barack Obama, then-Vice President Biden rushed over to shake Roker’s hand.

See video of  The TODAY Show moment here.



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