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A Message from Chris O’Brien: “Look for the helpers…”

Dear Friends,

Who Did that Media LLC is comprised of a cadre of talented people from across America.  Our client base spans from east to west coast so we are uniquely aware that wherever you are, you are being impacted by COVID-19.

We are very proud to work with radio and television stations who are leading the public information charge and are grateful to be in some small way contributing to their gallant efforts to keep the public informed and safe during this crisis.

We are committed to supporting our clients and contractors as we all face uncertain weeks and months ahead.  We are open for business and will remain ready when our clients need us.  With that in mind, we also want to support the efforts of the federal, state and local governments, so we are following a few guidelines that we believe will benefit our local communities.

1) We have encouraged our team members to participate in the best practices for social distancing.

2) We are committed to supporting our local businesses whenever possible.

3) We are encouraging our team to share their blessings with their neighbors. Check on the elderly and make sure our friends in other small businesses have food on their tables.

4) We are encouraging our team to donate blood to the Red Cross if they can safely do so.

5) We are asking that all our team respect local laws, curfews, and directives made by civil authorities.

We are a small company that speaks to millions of listeners and viewers daily through our various media partners.  We remain committed and ready to assist you in keeping the public informed. We hope you will join us in our efforts to support small business and care for our neighbors.

Wishing you healthy days ahead!

Chris O’Brien
President and Founder
Who Did that Media LLC

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