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A Focus On Copywriting

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It’s said that copywriters are the unsung heroes of the advertising world. The art directors often get the accolades and the glory. They are more involved in the execution of the idea than the writer. And even the job descriptions create a strange imbalance, with art director sounding noble and important, and copywriter sounding more like a dull job in the legal profession.
However, further analysis into the role reveals that it’s actually one of the most important roles in the advertising agency, let alone the creative department. Good copywriters have to be strategic and visual thinkers, and also have to arm themselves with the kind of knowledge most clients don’t even know.
Ask any copywriter about the product or service he or she is advertising, they will no doubt amaze you with their depth of understanding. The reason for this is simple – when it comes down to it, the writers have to impart that knowledge to the customers, the art directors have no such burden.
So, as we celebrate the role of the humble copywriter, here is a collection of articles focused on them and their understated job.

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