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5 Questions Voiceover Actors Need to Ask

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Do you work more with newcomers or professionals?
We don’t work with one particular level. What I try to focus on is teaching communication skills, so by extension you can be a better voiceover talent or a better actor. I tell beginner students to watch TV and take note of the commercials; record them and watch them and listen to what people are booking today. Can they go back and practice to get the essence of that?

Do you recommend that voiceover actors get an agent?
Here’s something I recently realized: Everybody is an agent. Someone may offer you a job that you can’t take, but you already have a roster in your head of several other people to recommend. This is why I tell students to treat everybody with a certain level of respect, whether they’re new or a veteran, because that person may get you your next gig. And they won’t take 15 percent.

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