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5 Fundamentals of Wildly Successful Brands

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The desire to create a wildly successful brand is the apple in the Garden of Eden for real entrepreneurs: it lights their fire, fuels their day, and triggers action.

Of course, a wildly successful brand is as subjective as a sunset. Depending on your industry and target demographic, “wildly successful” may look like Coca-Cola, which sells 1.7 billion servings per day globally, or it may look like the most popular carpet cleaner in your neighborhood, whose calendar is booked up months in advance—don’t even try to call the week prior to Thanksgiving.

If you sell the most popular soda in the world, or clean carpets in Paris, Texas, there are five fundamentals that you should know:

1. Know What Your Clients Want Today AND What They Will Want Tomorrow

Coke has changed its formula several times over the years, for just this purpose. Now, it offers a dizzying array of beverages with varying calorie content, caffeine levels, and additional flavorings. Why? To meet today’s demand, and tomorrow’s, of course.

Do you know what your clients want from you today? How about tomorrow?

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