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4 Ways to Manage Negative Feedback in a Positive Way

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As marketers we often face rejection and negative feedback. An idea is shot down. An angry reader rants in a comment. A prospect chooses a competitor’s product. We can’t help but feel a bit of a sting when someone spits on our hard work. How do we stay strong and stead fast in our commitment to succeeding in our content marketing efforts? It’s not always easy. My team and I talked to over 50 marketing influencers who set themselves up for potentially negative feedback by speaking or publishing for an audience. I compiled these four recurring tips to help us overcome unfortunate real-life and internet negativity.

1. Learn from it

The most common suggestion shared by experts was to learn from the negative feedback.

Jen Spencer, vice president of sales and marketing at Allbound, suggests first identifying whether the feedback is useful or if it’s garbage. “There are people out there who will always see the ne’gative, and only the negative,” she says. As a result, you can look at the feedback two ways: (1) confirmation that you do, in fact, suck or (2) an opportunity to ask yourself how you can improve. It all comes down to your mindset. Do you accept what you’re told as is? Or do you persevere and find a way to turn that negative perspective around?

Doug Kessler, co-founder of Velocity Partners, says receiving negative feedback with open ears is an important part of being a marketer: “The only real response you need to make is ‘thanks’ – and then to try to take on board what the person said and how it can help you.”

The truth is not everything you say or create will be widely accepted and loved. There will always be differences of opinion. Vera Jones, president of Vera’s Voice Works, really hits that nail on the head when she says: “Your focus should not be about being approved, but rather being improved! True winners are always looking for ways to get better. Seeking to be approved involves a lot of unstable emotion. Seeking to be improved involves a lot of stable evaluation.

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