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Shopping Now Available On Your TV

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Imagine you’re watching TV, and are interested in purchasing the coat you’ve just seen advertised. Instead of pulling out your smartphone to search for the item, you’re able to get more information and buy the coat directly from your television. Sound good? Samsung, along with various retail partners, is aiming to make this functionality a reality in 2014.

At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung announced their first commercial Curved Ultra HD TVs, as well as the integration of purchasing technology with their Smart TVs. According to ClickZ, Fandango will be launching a new service in Q1 2014 which offers movie trailers with fully-embedded ticketing capabilities on curved Samsung Smart TVs. The capability will be featured within the Movies & TV Shows panel, a video recommendation and discovery service on the TVs. Users will be able to watch video content and purchase relevant movie tickets directly from the TV.

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