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New Push for Online Video Marketing

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One of the perks of online video is that it allows marketers to tell longer stories than they might be able to in the typical 30-second spot.

The new ‘wholesome’

For Mondelez International Inc.’s brand of graham crackers and other treats, it has provided a platform for emotional stories about what it means to be a modern family.

In March, Honey Maid kicked off a campaign declaring that all families are “wholesome” – including shots of a gay couple with their baby, an interracial family and a rocker dad covered in tattoos in place of the usual commercial pablum of perfect, largely white, nuclear families.

This week, it continued its appeal to families’ emotions, with a two-minute video about families that go through divorce. The ad proposes that those families are “blended,” and “not broken.”

The video represents a larger change: advertisers are recognizing that consumers’ attitudes toward family values are changing. More of them have been including gay couples in their commercials, or otherwise betting that images of diversity will outweigh whatever negative responses they may receive from those who disagree.

After its initial video, it received hate mail, which it addressed in a second video. Now it is continuing to bet on a strategy that has given the 90-year-old brand a distinctly modern image.

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