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How to Get Customers Raving About Your Brand

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Virgin. Starbucks. Buffer.

What do all of them have in common? It’s not that they have the best “coffee” or the best “cell phone plans,” yet many of us love buying from these companies, including myself. Often, we even pay a premium price.

But if they’re not the best, why do we love associating ourselves with these brands? It certainly doesn’t seem logical to be paying more when there’s better, if not similar alternatives out there. The answer is: brand transparency.

If there’s one thing these companies are best at, it’s the ability to build an authentic brand. It’s how they’ve become one of the leaders in their market in such a short time span.

The continuing rise of social media and additional platforms screams the need for brands to begin humanizing themselves. Consumers are no longer buying from the large conglomerates that have established a presence simply by having a healthy balance sheet and being in existence for 50 years.

Consumers want to know what is your “why.”

They want to explore why your company does what you do, and how they can participate in the journey with you.

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