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Game Changer, Power Player: XAPP Media

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New Mobile Audio Ad format fetches $20 CPM!

There has been a lot of talk about Internet Radio’s low CPM challenges.

Today, XAPPmedia launched a new mobile advertising format, Interactive Audio Ads, that NPR acknowledged is fetching more than $20 CPM. Why can XAPP Ads command such a premium price?

It’s about conversion.

For mobile audio, customer conversion is a challenge. Smartphones are in pockets, on dashboards and otherwise out of sight and behind a lock screen. XAPP Ads provide convenience for consumers to respond to advertised offers by voice.

At the end of an audio ad, the consumer is prompted to say CALL NOW, DOWNLOAD APP, SEND EMAIL, BUY IT, TELL ME MORE or SEND COUPON and the action is automatically executed to connect the consumer with the brand offer.

The smartphone does it for you.

XAPP Ads make customer conversion simple, spontaneous and convenient.

To see an example of a XAPP Media Ad, click here for Lumber Liquidators.

XAPP Ads are available to NPR sponsors today and the technology service is also being made available to Internet Radio and Podcast publishers.

To learn more go to